The Signature Bed

The Signature Bed is our first design, honed after weeks of searching for the perfect bed to sit stylishly in our newly renovated home.

We approached the design as though it were a piece of furniture. In fact, our Pippa loved sleeping on the sofa so much that it inspired this piece. Pip adores curling up and resting her head on a pillow, so we knew the design would be as comfortable for her as it was stylish to us.

As well as truly enhancing the aesthetic of the room, here’s why we fell in love with our first ever bed:

Reasons to love The Signature Bed:

  • A unique design. Created with the same style and comfort you would expect in a sofa, this bed is a piece of furniture made with the most luxurious upholstery foam. A sleek, minimalist finish is achieved by avoiding seams and using concealed zips – which also discourages those who pick and chew at their beds.
  • A choice of fabrics. The Signature Bed is crafted from the highest quality designer upholstery and soft furnishings fabrics. Choose from our house selection (all tried and tested by Pippa herself), or contact us for bespokeoptions.
  • A spongy and soft pillow. Choose from a filling of luxurious hollow fibre or a firmer, 100% natural sheep wool, which produces a more dense, supportive finish. Completely removable, the pillow can also be used on its own, as a travel or crate bed.
  • Easy to wash. As with all of our beds, The Signature Bed has a fully removable, machine washable cover to keep it looking (and smelling) beautiful. A water resistant, breathable inner liner protects both the pillow and the foam against mud, water and unpleasant smells.

The Sandringham Signature Bed

Designed using a soft and silky lambswool twill, the Sandringham can be made in one of 11 house colours and would look the part in a traditional country kitchen or cosily nestled by the fireplace. The deep, vibrant tones bring a touch of warmth and richness to any room.

Small £295    Medium £350    Large £475

The Mayfair Signature Bed

Using a blend of wool and cashmere, The Mayfair is uniquely soft, luxurious and durable. Featuring a classic pin stripe design, it’s elegant in its simplicity and makes for a grown up and sophisticated fabric.

Inspired by tailored wool fabric used by the best Savile row and Madison Avenue tailors, the Mayfair is ideal for a home office or smart drawing room. Available in three striking shades.

Small £335    Medium £410    Large £545

The Ascot Signature Bed

The parquet pattern of the Ascot features a small geometric mosaic that creates a beautiful, timeless texture. It features a striking combination of bold colours blended effortlessly into warm neutrals, which forms a sophisticated balance that suits contemporary interiors.

While initially envisioned as part of our Country Collection, the choice of colours means this design can also suit a quintessentially urban room.

Small £350    Medium £425    Large £580