Our story

Pippa & Company began amongst paint samples, fabrics and paw prints. The renovation of our home was thoughtful, passionate and pain staking. Fortunately, finding the perfect paint hues, kitchen cabinets and curtain fabrics was aided by a myriad of experts. But when it came to a bed for our beloved dog Pippa, the search was extensive. And fruitless.

So we created our own from scratch, and Pippa adored it as much as we did. Pippa & Company is passionately determined to craft quality, chic beds for your dog, giving them a luxurious, stylish night’s sleep whether they’re settling down in the country or city. Beds that reflect your personal style, put a smile on your face and a wag in the tail of your deserving dog.

Where we will be and when


Wednesday 20th – Sunday 24th June.
Olympia Grand,
Olympia London,
Hammersmith Road,
London, W14 8UX.

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